Saturday, 26 May 2012

Procrastination versus Meditation

So who decides whether or not the wisdom of mediation and contemplation is actually as stated or in fact a coincidental and favourable alternative for saving face with friends family and colleagues when you and I both know that you are just putting it off for another time, because you simply cannot be arsed.
Here Kitty Kitty
I must say that it is extraordinarily probable that the truth for me is in fact the latter. My gloriously creative mind, can spend countless hours whiling away in front of the fire with glass of fermented grape juice in hand, pondering and prodding at the myriad of possibilities at hand... I could paint ... I could garden... I could redecorate... All of these are very attractive and satisfying pass-times...And I want dearly to do all of them, but I need first to make a plan, and so in order to do so I might need another glass of that juice.
It is pretty amazing to have the opportunity to sit and plan and manage an idea, to develop it beyond the buzz words that often remain stationary obstacles before us, and to groom and nurture the idea into reality.
People have often commented on how lucky we (Fearless Joe and oneself), are to have enjoyed such an interesting and rich life together, taking chances and not being afraid to go out on a limb (even though we have once or twice hit the dirt hard).
I feel very fortunate to be loved and embraced no matter whether I sit and plan or go out and do. I love that I can run a small business, manage a building project, bake a cake, paint a moment, write a song and turn myself into an Ayurvedic chef all in one day, and if I change my mind- then that's okay, because being creative means constantly changing. The continuous movement of mind, body, heart and soul are a part of the incredible journey of this life.
I have no interest in making plans to be a multi-millionaire, that is already happening in another currency.
Love. Family. Friends. Living soulfully. Abundance.
Feel pleasure in what you do... If you don't love it, then change it... to finish editing my novel (hah!)

Friday, 11 May 2012

Pole Dancing with the Possums

....Possums in the round...this is the first morning I have woken to the delightful song of the earliest rainforest birds at 6.30 am instead of the shenanigans of two naughty possums at 2.30 am in more than 2 weeks!!!Ahhhh the sweet joy of a good night's sleep...
It is in fact almost impossible to function as mother, lover, business operator or friend, when I have had four or less hours of sleep in a night for an extended period of time, in fact it takes me back to the zombified version of myself from when the children were babies... and now here I am- first one awake and loving it!
Previously though, every night at around 2.30 am, they would come... I could hear them scratching around outside the kitchen, looking for morsels of food in the recycling bin, which is never going to be a quiet event taking into consideration the tins and bottles and boxes that daily make their way in- that was fine, I thought, I'll just move the bins further from the house so I don't hear all the kerfuffle... however these possums got cheeky- for months we would need to shut tight any windows in the first floor, so that they wouldn't get in, they could open louvres with their cute little paws (do possums have paws?), anyway, they got creative. They decided to check out the action in the second floor roof...looking for a way in... and they found several. So the past few weeks have been a process of chasing possums from the house, and sealing up points of entry along the way. I will add some pics of the house so you will stop wondering why we would have so many entry points for wildlife. 

The point of this entry is to share the different ways you can deal with a possum invasion. I have been the light sleeper during this whole episode, thanks go lovingly to my four gorgeous children for teaching me this important life skill from the moments after they were born...grrr... My approach to ridding the house of possums has always been low lighting, and a few open doors, a bit of physical encouragement without aggression, so that they don't freak out and go where you don't want them to go, and that seems to work just fine... however as the fatigue caught up with me, my gorgeous partner volunteered himself to the job...
Now there is a difference to the tactics of men and women in any race, game or war. I can see this now oh so clearly. 
The second floor mezzanine...possum heaven

2.30 am...Fearless Joe came at the task from a whole other brain space. He figured that it would be impossible to see the little buggers with the lights off, so on they all went... he thought that just chasing them around and around the house would do the job.It did not! Calling them names is also not that effective. Chasing one while the other sits in the fruit basket watching may induce feelings of hatred toward most small furry Australian creatures, and throwing a sheet on top of them while giving chase is more times than not, ineffective in slowing the little critters down. Add to this two small children cheering Fearless Joe on from the second floor, and myself making suggestions for their eventual evacuation(..."what if we just turn off the lights, open a door and leave them to it?")
3.30 am...Lights off...doors open, possums walk out...zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
Baby Dakota
Last night the house remained quiet...and instead of the sounds of thundering feet around and around the pole, I was woken by the fresh light of day, the birds and the baby goats calling for their belly-ache to be relieved...mmmmmm. Sanctuary.

Saturday, 5 May 2012

Baby Bullseye

living the dream...

...another of those moments in time where I struggle with the options of lulling about (is lulling actually a word?), and going crazy on the never ending list of things to do... add to that a daughter who needs an activities manager at every corner... currently conspiring to entice/coerce/manipulate a trip to the cinema, while I just want to chill and research gluten free recipes...
I also have a commission to paint, a house to clean, a business to manage, a renovation to finish, a Rockabilly Band to write and rehearse with, a book to finish,washing, folding, putting away, mowing, goats, chooks, cats, neighbouring dogs and more chooks to feed, and   an Ayurvedic lifestyle to incorporate... should be easy...arrgggghhhhhhh